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    The world's sexiest racers (photo)

    You can also watch our new materials via the Telegram channel (@otdih_pro). Join now!

    There are exactly two weeks left before the March 8 holiday! Friends, do not thank for a timely reminder. International Women's Day - the triumph of tenderness, beauty and, of course, love for the beautiful half of the globe.

    Dear ladies, let the men once again admire your elegance and attractive sexuality. In addition, the British Top Gear decided to remember the most beautiful racers of the world! We did not start it, but we fully support it. It turns out that female sexuality is very multifaceted and allows (in any case, it doesn’t interfere for sure) to achieve serious victories in the world of automotive competitions.

    Inessa Tushkanova, Ukraine

    The young racer has the titles of the winner of the Cup of the CIS and Eastern Europe, and has also been repeatedly marked by successful performances of European rally stages. In addition, the scope of model business has allowed Inessa to become a star of Eastern European men's magazines, and the title of CCM in equestrian sports only contributes to the image of an athlete. But her main battle stallion is Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Not every man can curb such a car!

    Leilani Munter, USA

    The 45-year-old American auto racer managed to participate in the ARCA Racing Series and the Eco-Coach (( on hydrogen Ford Focus), also works as a special correspondent for NASCAR and duplicates Catherine Zeta-Jones on film sets. Decent track record, right? Also beautiful!

    Danica Sue Patrick, USA

    This race driver is in the ranking of the best female pilots of the popular IndyCar Series championship, works as a model (well, of course) and even voices commercials.

    Madalena Antas, Portugal

    The 38-year-old auto racer successfully performs in rally raids. In addition, of course, removed for men's magazines, and even paints oil. Super!

    Milka Duno, USA

    Born in Venezuela. Model business Milka changed to a successful racing career - she holds the women's record at 24 Hours of Daytona. She also has four (!) Higher education.

    Suzy Wolff, Scotland

    British racer built a professional career in the traditional way: incredibly successful performances in karting, then Formula Renault, F3, and now - the prestigious DTM body racing championship.

    Shannon McIntosh, USA

    Remember, races from the age of five are a guarantee of success. Shannon is proving right now that promotion to the IndyCar rating table is possible only through skill and determination.

    Ashley Force, USA

    Drag racing is her element! One of the most dangerous disciplines, by the way. Also participated in the extreme reality show Driving Force.

    Lee Pritchett, USA

    Natalya started her racing career in the Formula BMW series, and has been participating in the FIA ​​GT European Championship since 2012.

    Jessica Barton, USA

    The American beauty from the state of Georgia is known all over the country. Still - the career of an actress , successful model and even racer drag racing.

    Carmen Jorda, Spain

    Took part in karting championships until 2004. Later, she also took part in the prestigious Le Mans series in the LMP2 class, then - Firestone Indy Lights and GP3. Now Carmen is an F1 development pilot on the Renault team.

    Courtney Force, USA

    The main title is winning the NHRA championship (drag racing) in 2009. Other equally important advantages are charm and beauty.



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