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    The unrecognized country of Europe - Christiania

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    For a photo on this street you can be killed, although more often they just beat and smash your camera. Yes, in one of the most free and unrecognized countries of the EU is very harsh concepts. That's right, not laws, but concepts.

    Live quietly and peacefully, use soft drugs, but do not substitute your fellow countrymen.

    Here I must make an amendment that this post is not propaganda of drugs, drugs are evil, but their use in any quantities is deadly to your life.

    This is Denmark and its capital Copenhagen, one of the most self-sufficient countries in Europe.

    City in the city, state in the state - This is what they call the Christiania, which was founded by hippies, illegally occupying abandoned army barracks in the distant 71 year of the last century.

    The Danish authorities have repeatedly tried to evict hippies, but all in vain.

    As a result, we agreed today that city residents officially pay taxes for their buildings. Although the authorities do not leave the intention to erase this state from the face of Copenhagen.

    When you get here, you leave the EU, although you don’t need a stamp and you don’t need a visa here yet.

    Automobiles are prohibited on Christiania’s territory, residents move on foot or by bicycle. And the whole free country is covered with graffiti, some very steep.

    It all started with the fact that drugs became legal in a new country.

    However, after mass deaths due to hard drugs (heroin), it was decided to resort to banning them.

    Today, there are legally sold soft drugs: marijuana and hashish. There is a special market for sale, where there is a strict ban on photos and videos.

    As you may have guessed, the offender can even be killed, but more often they just beat, take the flash drive and break the camera.

    Almost all the harsh persons are somehow involved in the drug trade, there is an entire chain of agents about the presence of a police or spy who can record the sale.
    < br />The territory of the market is highlighted by Chinese pho narik (Pusher Street, Pusher Street)

    A for tourists to meet the need to photograph something, a little further there is such a plywood stand, where everyone can consider himself a merchant.

    The market is almost the same, there are small tables, some fairly large pieces of hashish, on other plastic containers with marijuana, by analogy with spices. Here's a photo from the Internet:

    And such tables every 2-3 meters.

    Behind the market scene and restaurant patio, in hours of selling drugs, finding free space is quite problematic.

    There are several fast food places (shawarma, burgers, salads) and bars. Flag of Christiania - three yellow circles on a red background.

    The most frequent guests, not counting tourists, students

    It is easy to recognize the local people - informals, hippies and other marginals

    Artists and other creative personalities still live here

    < img alt="" src ="https://www.otdih.pro/images/pages/2019-06/c3393cf0909cbe5aef7bdd1868d05e3e.jpg" />

    Who equipped themselves with workshops.

    The most enterprising people very successfully sell their work

    Creativity of some quite controversial

    There is also your own economic market, in case you need to build something or break a garden.

    Grocery store


    In the country of Christiania they brew their own beer, it is popular here. Perhaps something is added.

    Outdoor street toilets , almost like in all of Europe

    If in a food court there are no places, you can smoke by the reservoir

    Favorite place students

    Perhaps the most beautiful place in Christiania

    Copenhagen interferes a little with local landscapes. By the way, this is a well-known facility of one of the coolest architects of our time, Bjarke Ingels, an incineration plant, on the roof of which they built a ski slope.

    Denmark Copenhagen plant view from the pond.jpg//br />Houses of local residents on the coast


    And this is what the houses of local residents look like in the depths of the city

    Non-residents on the border with Christiania prefer to wrap their plots with barbed wire to drug addicts are not shastali.

    In order not to get lost in Christiania, there is a navigation and a poster with events held.

    Leaving Christiania, you again return to the EU

    Christiania is fenced off from Copenhagen by a fence, walk along it and you will find one of several gates to the city .

    In Christiania there are often police raids.

    Did you want such a commune to appear in your city?


    One thousand live permanently in Christiania man, for autonomous life there has its own economy (gardens and gardens), shops, restaurants, cafes and bars, sell and make souvenirs, etc.

    Hard drugs, cars, theft, firearms and photography on Pusher Street are banned in Christiania.



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