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    Manor of St. Nicholas, Pistyn

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    December 19 for the Ukrainian children - a special date. On this day the patron of the children St. Nicholas brings children gifts and sweets in children's boots. Just like Santa Claus and Santa Claus have their own fairy-tale houses, so St. Nicholas has a whole manor, where both adults and children try to get.

    The house was built in 2003 on the territory belonging to the national park "Hutsulshchina". The residence of St. Nicholas is in the village of Pistyn, Kosiv district, Ivano-Frankivsk regionand there, especially on New Year's Eve, December 19, the largest number of children and adults come to get into the real fairy tale. Around the house there are wooden sculptures of various fairy-tale heroes and small houses for children. The children will receive a gift from the hands of St. Nicholas and they will be able to make a wish at the Christmas tree of the most respected saint in Ukraine. It is rumored that if, after making a wish, touch one of the toys on the Christmas tree and feel the warmth then the desire will certainly come true. St. Nicholas annually receives a lot of letters from children and with the help of his assistants fulfills the most cherished childhood desires.

    However, it is not necessary to believe that it is worthwhile to visit the estate of St. Nicholas only for the New Year. The flow of tourists does not decrease during the year; you can come here at any timeto take part in a master class on making New Year cards and toys, stroll through the picturesque park or forest, visit the exhibition of Christmas toys and much more.

    Manor of St. Nicholas, Pistine

     Manor of St. Nicholas, Pistine

    < img src ="https://www.otdih.pro/images/pages/2014_09/5c2e77e1da058ddfe0328cf530af90dd.jpg" alt="Saint Manor Nicholas, Pistyn " title="The Manor of St. Nicholas, Pistine ">

     Manor of St. Nicholas, Pistine

    Местонахождение объекта на карте

    Координаты GPS: 48.332, 24.998



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    1. The Bushan Castle is located on the cape formed by the rivers Busancha and Murafa. This beautiful ancient castle was erected in the distant 16th century. The initiator of its construction was the Polish hetman Jan Zamoysky. History of the Castle of Busan In those days, its area was almost half a hectare. The Busch Castle is located on the cape formed by the rivers Busancha and Murafa. This beautiful ancient castle was erected in the distant 16th century. The initiator of its construction was the Polish hetman Jan Zamoysky.History of the Castle of BusanIn those days, its area was almost half a hectare. The building was rectangular in shape and included 6 towers. Each of them contained a separate cellar for storage of powder stocks. Among themselves, all the towers were connected together with the help of secret underground tunnels. Approaches to the castle from all four sides were well guarded by a very deep moat and the highest shaft. The fortress was constantly raided by Tatars.Since 1648, the building of the fortress was used as a refuge for local Cossacks, but in 1654 it was again conquered by Polish troops. In this region there is a legend that when the Poles broke into the city, his defense was ruled by the widow of one of the centurions. She managed to set fire to powder supplies and blow up the fortress with the enemy. As a result, only one tower remained from the castle, which in 1756 was converted into a bell tower for the Mikhailovsky church. During the Soviet era, the church was destroyed.The Busan Castle todayUntil now, from the legendary castle remained only the ruins of the fortress, cellars and several underground passages. On the upper tier of the surviving tower there is a museum of village defense, and on the site of the former settlement there are burials of Cossacks.This whole complex is a historical and cultural reserve of national importance. It was founded in 2000. Archaeological excavations in this area continue even now.Nearest sightseeings near the Busch castleNear the Busch Castle there are other, no less significant, attractions. Among them there is the Rock Temple, which is considered pre-Christian and has unique rock paintings. According to various historical data, these drawings date back to 2 or 12 centuries. The rock temple is a unique find of its kind, which has no analogues in the whole world. Nearby there is a museum of ethnography, discoveries in 2004. It is located in an old hut, which is more than 100 years old. In the museum you can see objects of everyday life, dishes, icons, clothes, towels and other details relating to the history of this region. You can also see Gaydamak Jar. He is in the woods among beautiful and unusual rocks in form. The Gaydamak rock has a cave where, according to legend, once fought insurgents were hiding. Well, no less interesting is the Cossack cemetery, which is located not far from the Busch castle. There are graves in the 17th and 19th centuries. Unusual and unique are the Cossack crosses, executed in different forms.