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    Вы можете разместить свою рекламу в этом месте и на этой странице на любой интересующий Вас срок!

    Например с рекламой продаж путевок в страну в этой статье или оказание любого вида услуг.

    5 reasons to protect a girl from social networks

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    It's one thing when social networks have a detrimental effect on you, and quite another — when the girl!

    5 reasons to protect the girl from social networks

    Girls — beings with a hypertrophied competitive spirit. The only way to explain this is that they regularly look through the web pages of other girls (often this is your former or former ex-girlfriend, or even your ex former ex-girlfriend). And for some reason the girl always seems that the ephemeral rival is more beautiful, slimmer, smarter and generally better. Such a constant comparison drives her into a state of permanent psychological conflict. Of course, for some girls the comparison becomes a signal to enroll in the gym and defend the thesis. But most are simply deeper and deeper bogged down in the swamp complexes.

    Bad advice

    The second reason is a direct consequence of the first. For those who decided to change and tackle their figure, on the pages of social networks there are many tips about diets, advertising miraculous additives and other nonsense. Often this is absolutely unverified information, and following such diets, a girl can cause tangible damage to her (and even your!) Health.

    Dissatisfaction with reality

    5 reasons to protect the girl from social networks

    A typical situation: a girl saw a photo from Cyprus of a former classmate. And here it is no longer pleasing your upcoming fishing week on the river Marmyanka! She, you see, does not want to spend the night under the open sky, put the worm on the hook and cook buckwheat! She, you see, thinks that you do not earn enough! Eh & hellip


    If your girlfriend can go into social networks even with her eyes closed, be sure that she tracks every one of your likes, smileys and innocent comment & la class; & raquo; , addressed to other girls. So, you will regularly be subjected to interrogations and severe sanctions measures such as restricting access to the girl's body and her cooking.

    Lack of time

    "5 reasons to protect a girl from social networks" " width="665"/>

    It's no secret that reading the statuses and viewing endless photos in the news stream takes a huge amount of free time. So, the girl will not have time to not only go with you to the exhibition. "Retrospective of Malevich's creativity in the prism of the Western European avant-garde." & Raquo; (and you so dreamed!), but also run home and work cases. Will be nervous, snap & hellip; In general, it's time to cut the Internet cable!



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