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    What to watch online: the worst film of the year, Stephen King and Boccaccio for hipsters

    You can also watch our new materials via the Telegram channel (@otdih_pro). Join now!

    Every month, we track interesting movies that will not go out in theaters, but are available for home viewing. In the novelties of October: another good movie by Stephen King, the second output of the director "Bone Tomahawk", an alternative to "Very strange cases" and more.

    "Fight in block 99"/"Brawl in Cell Block 99 "

    The most cruel film of the year. Vince Vaughn plays Bradley, a suspiciously calm man, of the difficult past of which speaks only a huge tattooed cross on the back of his head, a heavy look and the fact that in one of the first scenes he turns the car into scrap metal with his bare hands. Circumstances force Bradley to get a friend of a drug courier, then one thing, another, and now he is in prison, and his pregnant wife is taken hostage; the hero is required not to escape from the dungeons, but quite the contrary. S. Craig Zaler, who crossed the western with a horror in "Bone Tomahawk", took up another honorary genre of category "B": a prison gunman in the spirit of the grindhouse of the 70's. And as in Tomahawk, the well-known irony, without which it's still strange to make such a movie, is hidden deep into the seams of the film: on the surface it's serious, like a hammer blow to the head. The main character, as we will see more than once, hammers without the need: boxing skills, heroic strength and a good knowledge of human anatomy is more than an effective combination, and Vaughn does not for a second doubt that he is suitable for this role. In addition, there are grandiose dialogues, an impeccable second plan (Udo Cyrus and Don Johnson among others), perfect rhythm, memorable sound design and, in general, some kind of never-ending triumph of will. Not for the faint of heart, you need to add journalistic ethics.

    "Small Hours"

    Cute curiosity: Boccaccio for hipsters, a comedy based on some fragment of "Decameron." Indie goddesses Aubrey Plaza, Kate Mikucci and Alison Bree play the novices of the monastery in the Italian outback of the fourteenth century. Dave Franco is a servant who has set his horns to his master and after exposure of the forced to flee. The drinking priest (John C. Reilly) hires him into the monastery as a gardener; sisters are extremely encouraged. As in the original, there are a lot of jokes about sex and Catholicism in the "Hours", but they sound more than modern, including because the dialogues are full of stylistic anachronisms and heroines, for example, like mothers, like cobblers. In some places it's like Monty Python, in some places it's some strange homework, the meaning of which is clear only for the participants (which is partly true: Bree is married to Franco, JEFF BENA is directed by Aubrey Plaza's boyfriend). The Plaza and Mikucci are beautiful in any case, and a few particularly idiotic scenes turned out really - laughing to the voice - ridiculous.

    "Very Dark Times"/"Super Dark Times"

    The middle of the 90s, a small American town, two high school friends are riding bicycles, discussing comics and classmates, until one day, because of the terrible accident, their life and relationships do not change in the most radical way. Kevin Phillips' very impressive directorial debut, a drama about the loss of innocence - is not in the literal, but in the broadest and most tragic sense. The director painstakingly recreates the signs of the time not just for nostalgic reasons: America is on the threshold of the Internet era - as well as on the threshold of Columbine and a new era of violence. Despite the title, it's not such a hopelessly gloomy film, as immediately remembered here "On the river bank," but with all the lyricism and even humor, Phillips knows that where teenagers are there is hell. Towards the end, when the elements of the thriller come to the fore, the action becomes somewhat grotesque, but the actor's work and direction are too good to seriously spoil the film.


    New month - a new adaptation of Stephen King. This time it's a film based on a short story from a relatively fresh collection of "Darkness, and Nothing More." The case takes place in Nebraska, respectively, in 1922: a middle-aged farmer (Thomas Jane) quarrels with his wife (Molly Parker) because of the land that she inherited. She wants to sell it to rich neighbors and move to the city; he is categorically not ready for this, because only fools live in cities. They also have a 14-year-old son, whose hero, who decides to get rid of his wife, inclines to his side. A very simple, but very majestic plot on the topic of guilt, retribution, crime and punishment - the classic King with elements of Edgar Poe. From this, a passing novel in the horror almanac could be obtained; here, in the format of a full meter, the story is a bit annoying by the slowness, but it rides thoroughly with all the stops. Zak Hildich ("The Last Hours") cleverly dissolves human passions in rural landscapes with their indifferent beauty, and the emaciated and aged Jane (who played in Mgla, one of King's best adaptations) is laid out as the last time.

    "The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)"

    Noah Baumbach from the Cannes competition, a sad comedy about the bohemian New York family represented by three generations. Patriarch - Dustin Hoffman - once a rather successful sculptor, a grumpy egoist, married for the fourth time (on a very funny Emma Thompson). His children from different women - the musician-loser Adam Sandler, who left for Los Angeles to earn money Ben Stiller and working as some manager of Elizabeth Marvel. Finally, Sandler grew up and goes to college to study as a director, my dearest daughter. They are all shared by decades of grudges, complexities and neuroses that have accumulated over the decades, but at the same time they unite - Baumbach, biased and sarcastic researcher of a modern family, is trying to determine what exactly. As the hero of Hoffman would say, this is his secondary work - a little shapeless, sometimes grossly sentimental - but, as always, a clever, bitter, funny and observant film about the most important thing.



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