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    With mats and a good mood to go out: TOP-8 picnic places in Kiev

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    Summer is in full swing, which means that at the first opportunity you should grab a comfortable bedding, tasty snacks with a bottle of your favorite wine, and with your loved one or a fun company to go on a picnic. While you collect like-minded people and pack baskets, we will show you the best places in Kiev for outdoor recreation

    Park of Friendship of Peoples

    Park of Friendship of Peoples is a unique place for recreation: here you can go for shady Walk the alleys, and tickle your nerves with extreme entertainment, and have a picnic surrounded by beautiful nature. You can work as a close family circle, and a large friendly company.

    Photo: bathofaphrodite. com.ua

    Park of Guerrilla Glory

    A green oasis stretches between Slavgorodskaya and Trostyanetskaya streets, and it is convenient to get to it from Lesnaya metro station on tram 29. The park was created in 1970 on the basis of a pine forest. But the meadows here occupy about 9 hectares, so there will definitely be a nice place for a picnic. For lovers of gastronomic holidays there are equipped places for cooking kebabs.

    Photo: vitebskcity.by

    Lake Didorovka

    Goloseevo is famous for the whole necklace of lakes, near which you can find a convenient place with a beautiful view of the water and the forest surrounding it. One of the largest is Didorovka, surrounded by a round dance of gazebos with barbecues. If you wish, you can go fishing (but don't expect to catch something big) or take a walk along winding forest paths.

    Photo: today-news.com

    Trukhanov Island

    The main rule of a successful picnic on a crowded Trukhanov Island - the further from attractions and shops, the more interesting. There are plenty of sheltered glades near the water, but with fire you need to be extremely careful - the order of the guard may come to the aroma of the kebab and the smoke rising to the sky, and then it will be no fun.

    Photo: interesniy.kiev.ua

    Nyvky Park

    The park’s territory can be divided into two parts, the conditional equator between which is the railway track and the Syrets River. The territory is relatively clean, sometimes quite wild. But to find a picnic area is not difficult. There are several ponds here, and among the trees (if lucky) you can see squirrels and hedgehogs.

    Photo: youtube.com


    In summer, life in Hydropark is in full swing from morning until late at night. Count on a secluded vacation with your family is not worth it, but young companies will like the place. At Hydropark there is a place to sit and fry kebabs, near the river, there is even a gym equipped with tennis tables, volleyball and football grounds. Here you can also rent a boat, catamaran or go kayaking. In the evening, from the bank of the Dnieper, there are gorgeous views of the Right Bank and the domes of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, which are buried in the lush greenery.

    Photo: sko4.com

    Botsad them. Grishko

    The whole greenery, absolutely the whole botanical garden of the name Grishko is looking forward to everyone having a good time and admiring the various vegetation. If you come here simply with a picnic mat or a blanket, grabbing a light snack, and after throwing garbage in the urn, no one will swear. But the staff of the botsad will not allow drinking alcohol, smoking and roasting meat.

    Photo: uk.wikipedia.org

    Castle Hill

    All lovers of unusual and atmospheric places have a direct road to the Castle Hill. Here it is good to arrange gatherings in a small company, listen to music or read a book, from time to time looking at the charming landscapes of the capital. You can get here by climbing stairs at 20b on Andriyivskyy Descent.

    Photo: budport.com.ua

    If you prefer an open-air picnic in a cozy restaurant, where to go for a hearty and pleasant dinner with a glass of wine, we told here.



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