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    Top 10 most realistic films about the space

    You can also watch our new materials via the Telegram channel (@otdih_pro). Join now!

    To celebrate Cosmonautics Day we have a very unusual top estimating space films on a scale realism!

    Former NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman assessed 10 of the space from a professional point of films view - he was the director of space operations at SpaceX, and now teaches at the University of Southern California. Using his experience, he will tell you what movies show space space more realistic of all.

    10. "Gravity" (2013)

    Мне really like this movie, despite the fact that the science in it is absolutely unscientific. The picture is breaking all the laws of physics. The main story line in the movie is the debris left over from the explosion of the satellite. And this leads to a chain reaction of failures. Part of this may be true: we do litter the cosmos, and being at the top, sometimes I could hear debris hit the surface of the space station


    But what they show these fragments - wrong. For example, the fact that the characters see this cloud of debris for many kilometers before the collision. This is complete bullshit. All these fragments flying at a speed of 10 times the speed of a bullet. You do not see the approaching bullet, right? You could not see how close these fragments

    Another absolutely unrealistic fragment:. When George Clooney and Sandra flies past catches him. It's complicated. He would have taken her for a station by its mass and inertia. She needs some resistance to this has not happened. Okay, she stops him. And yet, at this stage should end. In fact, that's all you had to do. After all, there is no gravity in space, it's nothing more pulls, there is no force in the cosmos. She does not hold it over a cliff, for example. She saved him, everything. As soon as the movement stops, there is no load on the ropes and halyards. And then he says: "You must let me go." Yes? What for? Why does this happen in the movie? There were some new laws of physics?

    9. "Spaceballs" (1987)

    Are you seriously want to comment on the realism of" Cosmic egg "? They're flying through space in a van Winnebago with man-dog in the role of co-pilot, and you want to know that the film violates the laws of physics? Where to start something! For example, when you fly between planets, and even not all the time zhzhesh fuel between star systems. This is not required. When we are flying to the Moon from the Earth, we are entering the correct path for the minutes of the engines, and then disable them. And we continue to fly along this trajectory. But, you know, they have the same van Winnebago. Who knows how it work? But the situation in which you end fuel, and you immediately fall on the nearest planet - it's not true. But if you fall, you can fall into the desert. It's true. On Earth there deserts.

    8. "Guards Galaxy" (2014)

    Come on, talking raccoon? For me so it is excellent. For a start, the hero is a mask, through which he can breathe in space. But the rest of the body will be in a very, very bad shape. Moisture evaporates inside the tissue: blood boil, and the water in the tissues turns into gas. And at some point he takes off his mask, to save a friend. No, for a while you can survive in space. This is done, were accidents in terrestrial vacuum chambers. If the victim quickly return to normal conditions, it will be all right

    But there are other problems:. Barotrauma. Gas inside the lungs, nose and other vessels expand, because it no longer presses the external pressure. He wants to explode like a pressure cylinder. Then there bends. Her sick divers, who have spent too much time at the bottom, and then too quickly surfaced. These problems are exactly waiting for Star-Lord, even before he removes the mask. But ... I have to say that this film has talking raccoon?

    7. "Martian" (2015)

    This whole idea is to pierce the glove to fly as Iron man to save you from the spacecraft. It is not so bad. We have packs with which we fly to outer space. If suddenly you have pulled the rope, and you get lost while operating in outer space, we have these packs. They are filled with compressed nitrogen gas, and it just blows from the backpack and allows you to reach the station. But you need to have a certain volume of gas under the big-big pressure to get you to budge. Of the gloves of this acceleration will not work. This is the first mistake. Now imagine that we have in the palm of your hand, this is the pack, and it blows out ... You need to blow so that it was aimed exactly at the center of mass. Any error in this regard will lead to chaotic twisting. It is inflating a balloon, and then let him go, and he was flying erratically around the room. This is how to behave with the body of the engine in a glove. Everything else in the movie in the top corner, but this scene is all the spoils.

    6. "Total Recall" (1990)

    I show a clip from the film, when talking about the impact on human vacuum. I tell them that we have conducted an experiment for NASA over the volunteer. And we have video of this experiment. And shows. And we all laugh for a long time. Because this is nonsense

    Yes, when the gas in your lungs expands and the liquid begins to evaporate, you will inflate slightly, especially -. Face. But not to that extent. This is the magic of Hollywood. Still there in the visor film is broken like glass. That's not true, he did not break. He is much stronger. But the helmet can still break. So bang your head on Mars is not recommended stones.

    5. "Star Wars" (1977)

    Oh, in this film there are a couple of things logical. But here's the orange Luke points in the middle of black space, right? What for? Han Solo or with an earphone and a microphone, looks like the seller of the TV who wants to sell you insurance.

    But they blow up the Death Star, and it's cool. And she boom explodes loudly! That will not happen. You will not hear anything, the sound needs material in which it can spread. Solute molecules vibrate and transmit sound. In the movie, if you see an explosion, and it does not hear the sound, the stage seems unreal to you. But this is absolutely wrong. Plus, that was a blast of fire (and in space can this happen), we need a spark, fuel and oxygen needed to burn it. Then there will be fire. It's real.

    4. «2001. A Space Odyssey "(1968)

    This is my favorite movie of all space. He's incredibly realistic. Even more surprising - the fact that it was taken before we flew to the moon. The only thing missing here is the opening scene - it's the atmosphere. Our Blue Earth and suddenly a black space. In reality, when you look at Earth from space, there is a certain line that divides the sunlit Earth and the blackness of space. The station rotates, so it is created on gravity. Rather, its simulation. This is important because the human body in zero gravity atrophied. And the bones become thinner. Because you no longer need them. And muscle atrophy. Because you do not use anymore. You do not go. You float in the air. Like a fish. The body needs resistance. In space, the astronauts engaged in nat. load for two hours a day. But if you create artificial gravity, it will be much more comfortable. And this - the main thing, why do we need a rotating vessel. This is exactly what is shown in the film. But we must avoid too small radius in this case. Otherwise, you will get sick from the rotation. And still it is necessary that the rotation was fast enough, the speed should be as high as 6 meters per second. Otherwise the result will not be. Is it right all shown in the "Odyssey"? Yes!

    3. "Star Trek: Nemesis" (2013)

    When we find ourselves in the future, it will be like a "Star Trek": proton torpedoes and phasers, and green women. In the film, gravity disappears if something happens. But the gravity of the country -. It is on a plane

    Let me tell you a story. I've been on the space station, and they ask: if you want to chat with someone? The plan - to someone famous, with some star. This is done to raise us up. And I say, yes - with Ron Moore and David Ake. These are the guys who invented "Battlestar" Galactica. " And we have a video conference, and I tell them, they say, have you got there artificial gravity, and they all go through the ship like the Earth. Where there is gravity? And why you took away their characters the coolest thing - the ability to fly? And Ron Moore said to me, "Garrett, you even know how many there are those special effects, which need to provide a demonstration of weightlessness in the scenery? So, yeah, you just invent artificial gravity in the series as "Battlestar" Galactica "and" Star Trek. " Therefore, I will not scold "Star Trek».

    2. "Interstellar" (2014)

    This is a very twisty movie. If I remember correctly, they fall into the black hole. And so great in it the force of gravity that even light can not leave this place. We recently received the first photos of a black hole. The problem is that as soon as anything gets behind the event horizon, back it does not come back. But no one knows what happens inside a black hole. But we also see how the light is bent by gravity. It's true, the light will behave exactly as under the influence of such forces. And much of this film is very realistic, but I have a problem with the scene on the other side of the shelves. That is, any advanced civilization created a tesseract ... behind bookshelves. And moving the books on these shelves, you can communicate with beings in another dimension? Well. Imagine. You - supermoguschestvennye creatures that can build anything and go through measurement. And you build just such a catchy system, why not create a phone? Or the school board on which chalk you could write "do not climb into a black hole!" So why complicate things? But many in the film really is quite realistic.

    1. "Apollo 13" (1995)

    Oh! Everything shown in the film really happened. They really had to look for, how to get rid of carbon dioxide in the Command Module "Apollo 13". On the ground, we have plants that inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. But the ship such an exchange to do without plants. To do this, we use the chemical lithium gidrosksid. It absorbs carbon dioxide. But it is spent. And cans with it need to be changed. There was an explosion, and a piece of equipment exploded, oxygen tanks and part of the stock of fuel. The astronauts moved into the lunar module, using it to electricity. It was their lifeboat. But this module has been adapted for use by three people a long time. The three of them exhale carbon dioxide, and air quickly becomes toxic. They use chemicals from the command module to clean the air, but the two modules made by different companies. And the desired devices have different sizes and even shapes. One round and the other square. Guys make the adapter from the adhesive tape, hose and even some improvised. And all that you see in this film, really is 100%. All of this happened.

    «Apollo 13" - is the gold standard movie about space. This film - Documentaries closest to what ever you can get without taking a camera into space on a flight




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