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    Friday 13. Are you ready?

    You can also watch our new materials via the Telegram channel (@otdih_pro). Join now!

    Who, and, most importantly, why did he come up with the 13th Friday? Find out now.

    Greetings from Mrs. Voorhez

    So, where and when did the superstitious fear of the thirteenth Friday arise? In Russia, he came along with a video story about a maniac boy and his crazy mother, who killed a dozen good leaders. Yes, yes, let us remember the good word film "Friday 13". Post-perestroika Russians, who did not know before about the genre & horror; ragged in the armchairs of the video salons, trying to understand the horror of what is happening on the screen. They realized and began to penetrate European (and therefore American) superstitions. Why European? Yes, because the roots of fears about the number 13 grow from there (our culture, by the way, is absolutely not inherent, from time immemorial we wanted to get on all sorts of unlucky numbers). Thus, thanks to Hollywood, our compatriots learned that the combination of Friday and the number 13? this is very, very bad.

    Templars, witches and mass hysteria

    And that's where the Europeans got to know about this (and, of course, the Americans & ndash; as direct descendants)? The most popular explanation is given by the Last Supper, in which, as is known, 13 people took part - Jesus and 12 of his disciples. The thirteenth was the traitor Judas, cruelly substituting his teacher. In Scandinavian mythology, a similar role was assigned to the god Loki, who once appeared on the feast of the gods without an invitation and managed to quarrel all the celibates. Needless to say, he was a guest at number 13. We go further. The Middle Ages, the fight with witches is truly fanatical (yes, gloomy times were, gloomy & hellip;), and the records of the Inquisition carefully recorded that the evil spirits are collected exclusively on Fridays and in groups of 13 people (well, subhuman if it comes to vampires ). Apparently from there, from the gloomy medieval times, and mass hysteria over the date discussed was born.

    A weak search for the 13th floor?

    "But there is a developed 21st century in the yard, in which there is no room for obscurantism," you exclaim, dear reader, and you will be wrong. Neurotic representatives of Western civilization still worry about the unfortunate date (and as it turned out, they impose their fears on us, brave Russians). The most impressionable were the Americans. They went so far as to decide to abandon the 13th floors (the 12th immediately follows the 14th), as well as houses and apartments under number 13. In the US airports there is no 13th gate, and most airlines just cross out this day from the flight schedule. On Friday the 13th do not make important purchases, as a result of which the US economy bears millions of losses. In cinemas and theaters there are no 13th rows, in hospitals & ndash; chambers with a similar number. Continue? Or you were convinced that in a country where people use the services of psychoanalysts, the problem must be solved at the level of the collective unconsciousWhat? For those who do not understand & ndash; mass brainwashing people.

    And what about us?

    As mentioned above, it's best to spend Friday at number 13 in a well-guarded room, in our country they learned only after the video shows appeared. In general, in Russia for all ages, a heavy day was considered Monday (it's easy to guess why, and mysticism has nothing to do with it). On the thirteenth, we were not particularly afraid either: we knew that it was unlucky, but treated it without hysteria. Therefore, we decided to check how much superstitious fear took root in our compatriots and check whether we started following the path of American neurotics. And that's what we managed to find out:

    1. Planes are flying.As Oksana Mukhtarova told us, the operator of the ticket sales department of the tourist company "Nico Tours" & raquo; (Togliatti), tickets on Friday 13 are sold just like on any other day. Even if our customers get a ticket for the thirteenth row, no one begins to demand an exchange. I myself many times flew at & amp; unfortunate & raquo; places, and nothing - I'm smiling, I'm talking to you & raquo ;, - added Oksana. Yes, such courage was not even seen by American tourists.

    2. Marriages are registered.Polite female employee of ZAGSA (Central district, Togliatti) also dispelled our fears. It turns out that the newlyweds willingly draw up their relationship on Friday the 13th, with many specifically waiting for this date: "Thirteen & ndash; a very unusual number. And many choose it as a talisman. It is believed that marriage, concluded on such a mystical day, nothing will be able to threaten & raquo;

    3. Birthdays are celebrated.Those who are & lucky & raquo; born on the 13th, consider themselves lucky. & laquo; I was born just this Friday and I can say that so far I have been developing exceptionally well. Birthdays are always idle fun and on a grand scale, not worrying about the day they fall out. Today I turn 23. I accept congratulations !, - this is greetings from our friend Sergey. You can wish him good luck and good health.

    4. The work is being done.The collective request for administrative leave for the unlucky Friday time, the PRO-RESTLE general director met with an ironic smile. And then he said that he actually considers 13 his lucky number and reminded that the launch of the trial version of our Internet portal took place on the 13th.

    Draw conclusions. What mood do you create & ndash; such in the end and get it. Thought is peculiar to materialize, therefore it is better to choose signs only those that bring good luck. And to believe in them unconditionally! We, for example, invented such superstition: if the editorial modem for a day hangs exactly seven times & ndash; wait six months to increase the salary. Verified & ndash; works!

    Your optimistic PRO-REST




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