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    Например с рекламой продаж путевок в страну в этой статье или оказание любого вида услуг.

    Leaning Tower of Pisa

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    The Leaning Tower of Pisa will be remembered to me by two things. First, climbing it along the inner serpentine, it seems that the tower is rocking on the waves, and secondly, it is madly ridiculous to look from the side to the crowds of photographed with hands up tourists trying to visually keep the tower from falling .... >


    All the attractions of Pisa fit into one square with the fabulous name "The Field of Miracles". From the green lawn, the white marble structures of the Crucible, the Cathedral and the famous tower that functions as a bell tower protrude upwards:

    The tower was started to be built in 1173, and soon after the construction began, it began to collapse on its side due to the hackneyed foundation. Despite this, 177 years later the tower was commissioned:

    The tower can be climbed on a spiral staircase, surrounding it from the inside. Already at the entrance you can see how much the building is tilted:

    As I climbed the tower, I had the impression that it was shaking on the waves. Depending on the slope, you carry either to one wall, or, conversely, to the opposite. Wipes on the steps also move from one edge to the other:

    At the end the staircase becomes quite narrow:

    The top view of the Wonderland:

    During the descent down I noticed a hole in the door and was able to look inside the & quot; insides & quot; towers:

    While I was climbing the tower, the square was filled with tourists:

    Everyone here is photographed in similar poses. If you combine a camera, hands and a tower on one visual line, you will get a photo, on which you either support it, or on the contrary try to drop it:

    But from the outside it looks comical:

    Stay Tuned!



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