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    Вы можете разместить свою рекламу в этом месте и на этой странице на любой интересующий Вас срок!

    Например с рекламой продаж путевок в страну в этой статье или оказание любого вида услуг.

    Surprise surprises daily

    You can also watch our new materials via the Telegram channel (@otdih_pro). Join now!

    Today's state of things and a lot of information, exhausting society and stressing. Too much cost and energy goes to a modern person every day. Work, home, way of life, family and relatives all need to find time and pay due attention so as not to look like a lazy and passive person in the eyes of society.

    Daily worries and fatigue can and should be diluted with all sorts of colors, giving surprises and surprising. Even a drawing, drawn in pencil by chance, is able to give a person positive emotions and mood. Below are some tips on how you can surprise yourself daily, but these are just some of the recommendations. Include fantasy and think through your options.

    If you make an effort and search the Internet for culinary sites and forums ideas of non-standard dishes, you can surprise your loved one with your invention. By the order of milking, the usual daily diet can be diluted with new dishes. A loved one will like this and enjoy it.

    In continuation of the topic of culinary masterpieces I want to say a few more words. Prepare an original, favorite pastry or cake for your beloved man, putting it neatly in his bag for work. Just be careful. Do not put pastries next to important papers so as not to spoil accidentally important documents. Call or tell the loved one about your surprise for him. He will be very pleased to taste your delicacy, he will appreciate your concern. A full-fledged man is ready for anything for his beloved woman, even for heroic deeds.

    Remind your favorite man about your feelings for him. You can organize and write colorful notes, or buy small, love cards with confessions of love, with warm and gentle words. You can write lovely words in the bathroom on the mirror with a lipstick, put the notes in pockets, case or in a car in a conspicuous place. For example, in a car you can hide a love message in a glove compartment, armrest or hang it in a convenient place where it will hang on a thread and he will notice it. Your imagination and a bit of romance.

    You can please him with poetry. You can compose yourself if you have the talent of a writer, or you can quote famous poets. The main thing is smartness and a little effort. After all, sometimes your loved ones do not have enough warmth and gentle words, in the rhythm of modern times, when you get so tired from day to day. He will like it, I assure you.

    Arrange, finally, your favorite candlelight dinner with an exquisite assortment of different dishes. Dress sexy, turn on relaxing music. You can organize a bath with foam, incense and candlelight. And after a relaxing bath session with foam, you can do a relaxing massage. Remember how long have you had such evenings? How long have you not done this? Give your man a chance to become the happiest under the protection of your women's care and love.

    You can create a festive atmosphere by inflating balls and scattering them on the floor or by hanging them to the ceiling. Stay for a moment children, plunge into childhood. And if you also add to this the receipt on the same day, the letter you sent earlier by mail with the best wishes to your loved one, then his admiration will not be limited to you. He will fall in love with you again like a little boy. You are an original woman, he will surely be proud of you among friends.

    Come up with all sorts of games, puzzles and puzzles. Let your loved one feel like Sherlock Holmes. Take his photo, writing on it the words of love, hide it away. With the help of puzzles or "cold" & ndash; heat & raquo; give a hint to him where she is hidden. A good mood is provided for both of you. It's so fun to have fun.

    The original option will be courier delivery to your loved one for work of a very important letter from partners, taking into account the fact that it falls exactly in his hands. When he opens it, there will be your imprint of lipstick in the form of a kiss and the fragrance of your perfume with warm words of love.

    Make an original collage from your photos is also an option. Sign all the best moments of your relationship and decorate accordingly. He will like it. This will remind you of the most wonderful moments of your romantic relationship and strong love.

    Another option. Take a bright, original jar or casket deep and roomy, write many small notes with bright wishes and sincere confessions, fill it with your capacity. Let the darling get one note each day. Every day let him begin with tenderness and positive.

    Turn over the view of a loved one about gray and dull everyday life, filled with difficulty and problems. Color his everyday life with bright colors of new impressions, surprise and positive emotions. Let your relationship grow stronger every day, because it's nice to make it so easy. Do not be lazy woman, show imagination and love for your men.



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