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    Вы можете разместить свою рекламу в этом месте и на этой странице на любой интересующий Вас срок!

    Например с рекламой продаж путевок в страну в этой статье или оказание любого вида услуг.

    Spring is coming! We analyze our own clothes!

    You can also watch our new materials via the Telegram channel (@otdih_pro). Join now!

    Let's carefully study your wardrobe. Open your closet and take a look at the picture that appears before your eyes. Saw, appreciated? Went on & hellip;

    Coloring your outfits

    Please rate which color you prefer most. Perhaps you have recently become addicted to a particular color, and apart from it you do not acquire anything and do not notice? All things are of the same color. You have a lot of interesting outfits, but they are all white, or black, gray or blue. Or, for example, two colors try to dominate one another. Look, perhaps, really half of things are the same color, and the good one is the other.

    Let's touch on an interesting topic about the color type. It is very important to understand the colors that will underline your external data, will rejuvenate and add freshness and tenderness to your charming nature. Armed with a pen and notepad, we will determine what is not enough for us in the wardrobe, what is missing in the closet? After analysis and decision, we will immediately go shopping for the color we need.

    Unwanted colors

    Why are they unwanted? Because they do not decorate us. Vivid are preferable. You can still close your eyes to the bottom. For example, trousers, pants or skirts. But if it comes to dress, sarafan, which makes us gray and tired, in which there is no freshness or cheerfulness. Carefully take your outfits once again with a strict look and let's think! You can decorate your outfit with an interesting bolero, jacket, scarf or shawl. But if it does not make you more beautiful, better give it, give it away or sell it. Probably, someone will approach, but not to you!

    Texture of outfits

    There are a huge selection of colors and different designs. But for some reason our own wardrobe is usually restrained or something of the same kind and boring. It clearly lacks something, whether liveliness or something. Did you notice that your things are the same tone? And how long have you tried on things in a cage, peas or stripes, wore unusual and varied things, decorated with bright drawings and abstractions? As a rule, horizontal strips visually increase your parameters, but this should not be denied and shy. The main thing is to know the measure in everything and stick to good taste. The strip, by the way, is in fashion today, so do not be scared and boldly experiment.

    There is always an opportunity to skilfully choose such a pattern or pattern that will visually harmonize us and even make us visually higher. Let us not be scanty in terms of diversity and let ourselves dress exquisitely. For example, you have in your closet a dress with very large flowers, you should buy a dress with a smaller pattern of flowers. If things are in stripes, measure in the store both vertical and horizontal strips. You can look at things, either with small, or with large flowers or figures, or limit yourself to a strict option in a cell. We exclude unnecessary things, necessary and those that are missing & ndash; immediately acquire.

    Are your outfits combined?

    Evaluate whether your outfits are matched with each other. For example, your trousers with some blouse or jacket, jacket. Or, you saw the top, which is not in the subject at all. It simply has nothing to wear. Everything that you have touched in the closet, does not roll or not in the subject. Many things just lay alone, and in combination with other outfits they just look ridiculous. Clean your closet from things with an absurd, boring pattern, single things that you do not cause the desire to wear. Carry out a thorough inspection and liquidation of what there is no longer a desire to wear.

    Dress appropriately and tastefully

    Choose things and fabrics from which clothes are sewn so that you feel comfortable and comfortable in them. Restrained clothing will only cause a bad mood and inconvenience. Why do you need extra trouble, even if you like things. In choosing, be guided by such qualities and characteristics that will allow you to emphasize your beauty and figure. Cardigan, a knitted tunic will help to emphasize your waist and figure. If appropriate, you can wear a dress made of silk fabric or chiffon. Still need to rely on the conditions in which you live. Whether the heat, or cool. Here it is necessary to pay tribute to the weather conditions and to dress in accordance with this. For outdoor recreation, you should not wear shoes with heels, for example. It's not comfortable and even funny. But light and spacious outfits, maritime or ethno style are very suitable.

    In choosing and replenishing the wardrobe, think over such moments: the prevailing things should be everyday, varied, but there must be festive outfits, evening, business. If your work is office, then a few dresses in an office style, a pair of skirts and a few blouses should decorate your closet. And you should also have clothes for walking, for shopping (spacious and light), for sports (if you are a fan of attending gyms or sports clubs).

    As often as possible, go through the wardrobe, refresh your clothes, diluting them with new things. Watch for fashion and do not stick to the same type and monotony. Let you have many bright and bold colors. Are not you an extraordinary person? Then go ahead!



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