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    Выберите интересующий вас страну и город:

    Вы можете разместить свою рекламу в этом месте и на этой странице на любой интересующий Вас срок!

    Например с рекламой продаж путевок в страну в этой статье или оказание любого вида услуг.

    House of prayer of Evangelical Christians-Baptists

    You can also watch our new materials via the Telegram channel (@otdih_pro). Join now!

    The Baptist movement in Mykolayiv was born in 1914. It has undergone many persecutions from the authorities, but withstood in these trials multiplied and expanded. And just recently in 2008 a new prayer house was opened in the city.

    Its foundation was laid in 2007 and now they built a two-storey house. During the construction, a new material, foam, was used.

    This event was long awaited for believing citizens. The house of prayer of Evangelical Christians-Baptists in Mykolayiv was built by the forces and donations of believers on Stepova Street. The construction of the prayer house was also attended by a worldwide charitable organization. Builders from Germany and Canada in the shortest time erected a prayer house. All gathered on this day looked at the video sent by the brothers from Germany, which reflected the work done. Very kind and warm memories filled all believers. Anyone can visit the new temple of the city. Here everyone will be happy.

    The House of Prayer for Evangelical Christian Baptists

    < img src ="https://www.otdih.pro/images/pages/2014_09/fd691c8dab92d76a7a39aebd293e0b6a.jpg" alt="The House of Prayer for Evangelical Christian Baptists" title="The House of Prayer for Evangelical Christian Baptists">

    Местонахождение объекта на карте

    Координаты GPS: 46.9669, 32.0301



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