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    Singers and singers, dismissed from their groups

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    It happens that creative differences, banal household quarrels or hobbies harmful habits can destroy any creative ties. And all the joys experienced together with difficulties disappear. There is only a conflict.

    Ozzy Osbourne left Black Sabbath & raquo; in 1979, due to excessive use of psychoactive substances and was replaced by Ronnie James Dio. According to Ozzy, then the whole group used no less than drugs.

    Singers and singers dismissed from their groups

    Last month, the group "Stone Temple Pilots & raquo; published a press release where it was reported that Scott Weiland (Scott Weiland) was fired. Scott himself said that he can not be fired from the group, the creator of which is.

    Singers and singers dismissed from their groups

    JD Fortune was twice fired from the group "INXS & raquo ;. He was supposed to replace Michael Hutchents, but apparently it did not work out. First, the singer was fired in 2009 for the abuse of drugs, and in 2011, it is finally, for an unknown reason. Moreover, the singer learned about this from the website of the group.

    Singers and singers dismissed from their groups

    Pete Doherty was kicked out of the "The Libertines & raquo; in the year 2004. The group members said that they would gladly take Pete back as soon as he got rid of his addictions. The singer returned, but only for a few months and created his quite successful side project "Babyshambles & raquo ;. At the same time, & laquo; The Libertines & raquo; ceased to exist.

    Singers and singers dismissed from their groups

    In 2008, Carah Faye Charnow left the indie group "Shiny Toy Guns", due to her marriage and her move to Sweden, where she and her husband Daniel Johansson founded their own group. Two years ago, the singer returned to the group with her husband, but after the divorce Daniel left "Shiny Toy Guns".

    Singers and singers dismissed from their groups

    Sammy Hagar was fired from Van Halen & raquo; in 1996, according to the singer, because of the birth of his wife, for which he threw a recording studio in Los Angeles and flew to Hawaii. A few years later, the singer will return for a short time to the group.

    Singers and singers dismissed from their groups

    Gary Cherone & ndash; another one fired from "Van Halen". And he invited him, Eddie himself, and fired him. The founder of the group will later call Gary's invitation a bad idea.

    Singers and singers dismissed from their groups

    Chuck Mosley left the group "Faith No More & raquo; in the distant 1988, for the suspicion of using drugs. It all started with the fact that Chuck fell asleep in the middle of the performance. Subsequently, the singer sued the group, trying to defend their copyrights.

    Singers and singers dismissed from their groups

    Steve Perry (Steve Perry) was removed from the group "Journey & raquo; after, since 1996, more than 17 months the band members waited while Steve will perform the operation on the bones. The singer did not do it that way.

    Singers and singers dismissed from their groups

    One of the most famous contemporary owners of the stunning voice, Tarja Turunen, on October 21, 2005, right after the last concert of the world tour Nightwish & raquo; received an open letter from former colleagues who reported that the singer was dismissed, as she was too carried away by commerce and almost ceased to think about her work.

    Singers and singers dismissed from their groups

    Following Tarja, the group left the Swedish Annette Olsson (Anette Olsson), who was in the "Nightwish" raquo; vocalist until October 1, 2012. The exact reason for the dismissal is unknown. The musicians call it personal disagreements.

    Singers and singers dismissed from their groups

    Another female representative who was fired from the project at the height of glory & ndash; Skye Edwards (Skye Edwards). The Godfrey brothers, the backbone of the project "Morcheeba", in 2003, they called her stupid bitch, forgetting the word and constantly provoking a fight. On that and parted. Until 2010, when they were reunited:)

    Singers and singers dismissed from their groups

    We did not remember someone? Remind us, please:) ');]] & gt;



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