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    10 Italian habits, which should immediately decorate their lives

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    Everyone who is familiar with the Italian way of life will say that this is a special science. Every self-respecting Italian considers it almost his duty to be attractive, in a good mood and not give any minor trouble to spoil his life. And you know what? They do it perfectly! According to many studies and surveys, Italians are regularly recognized as one of the most beautiful and happy nations. In addition, the Italian people occupy one of the leading positions in the rating of long-livers. In short, these charming southerners know for sure something about a good life. Here are 10 short life styles that will help us get closer to the famous dolce vita.

    You often go to the market for products than to a supermarket

    10 Italian habits that you should immediately decorate your life

    In addition to being a walk in the open air and a lot of live communication, you can usually buy products of better quality and at a more pleasant price if you know how to bargain.

    There are more fresh fruits and vegetables

    10 Italian habits that should immediately decorate your life

    What we call a diet based on fresh vegetables and fruits in Italy is called a normal diet.

    Maintain relationships with "their" sellers

    10 Italian habits that should immediately decorate your life

    First, this is another opportunity for easy communication that makes life better. Why not ask the baker, from whom you always buy bread, how is his family and favorite doggie? Secondly, you are more likely to receive products of the highest quality, because friends are the best.

    Is with the family

    10 Italian habits that you should immediately decorate your life

    Italians are particularly sensitive to family ties. And in order to have dinner in the circle of relatives, they do not need a special invitation or advance arrangement. They can absolutely spontaneously gather all together and just enjoy sharing food and pastime. And most importantly - they do so constantly!

    Drink less alcohol

    10 Italian habits that should immediately decorate your life

    Italians drink. A lot of. But what the Italians call "a lot", in most other nations is considered only a warm-up. In addition, they drink alcohol only at dinner.


    10 Italian habits, which should immediately decorate their lives

    The average Italian uses about 250 gestures. It's a great way to add moods, tones and drama to everyday life.

    Be more tactful

    10 Italian habits that should immediately beautify your life

    Italians are very fond of touching. If you have a birthday, be prepared for the fact that friends and buddies (not to mention relatives!) Will hug and kiss you a lot. Scientists believe that it is tactile contact that greatly affects the sense of happiness of a person. The more of it, the happier we are.

    Develop a sense of pride for the place where you were born

    10 Italian habits that you should immediately decorate your life

    Leaving and walking

    10 Italian habits that should immediately decorate your life

    Drinking coffee "in Italian"

    10 Italian habits that you should immediately decorate your life

    Of course, what kind of coffee, how much and how to drink - it's a matter of taste. But since we started talking about the Italian way of life, then know that in Italy coffee is a beautiful, but short "novel." It is not customary to sit for hours with a cup of cappuccino. Coffee is drunk all, everywhere, constantly, standing in a bar and without delaying this ritual, because after a few hours you will most likely drink it again! By the way, Italians never drink coffee with milk after noon. Latte and cappuccino are good only for breakfast.

    Learn more about how Italy lives, you can at the>Grand Italia Fest, which will be held July 28-29 in the Hermitage Garden in Moscow.

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